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TARANG SPEECH AND HEARING CLINICS is a well-established speech and hearing care centre providing hearing aids and full diagnostic and rehabilitation services for people with Speech and Hearing problem.

We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic speech, language and hearing facilities to individuals of all ages. At TARANG SPEECH AND HEARING CLINICS, we specialize in the latest hearing aid technology and providing full diagnostic and rehabilitation services for the all types of Speech and Hearing disorders. It is our belief that good hearing is essential to successful and healthy living; regardless of age and social constraints.

Our strength is generated from our promise of complete satisfaction towards our customers and our commitment towards achieving excellence in the field of speech and hearing. We consider that quality, service and value are the most important contributing factors in providing complete assistance as well as service satisfaction to our customers. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through taking a personal approach and providing the very highest quality hearing care.

The co-relation between speech pathologist and audiologist

Speech pathologists and audiologists work in different fields, yet they are co-related. They often work together to improve child or adult's progress by tracking and making adjustments to hearing devices and providing therapy to the patient and the family members.

Who is speech pathologist and audiologist?

In general, audiologists in Delhi and speech pathologists work in separate fields, but they work together for better results for some speech disorders.

Speech-language pathologists (SPL) work to assess, prevent, and treat speech disorders. They evaluate and diagnose to treat communication swallowing disorders and language. Speech pathologists in Delhi are highly trained professionals who work as a team to improve a child's speech impediments.

Audiologists in Delhi are professionally trained health workers who assess, evaluate, diagnose, and manage hearing disorders, balance, and neural system disorders.

What speech pathologists and audiologists do?

Speech pathologists and audiologists work differently to help the patient to improve hearing and communicating with others. Here is the role of audiologists and speech pathologists.

The primary role of an audiologist is to help the patient and their family member in their recovery journey.

The role of a speech audiologist in Delhi is to evaluate and conduct the test for speech, hearing, and language.

What disorders do speech pathologists and audiologists treat?

Audiologists provide professional, personalized service to treat hearing and balance disorders for children and adults. Audiologists in Delhi help in treating:

Speech pathologists help in improving speech and language disorders in people of any age group. Speech pathologists in Delhi treat the following problems:

How they worked together to help children with hearing loss?

Audiologists and speech pathologists work with each other to help people with hearing loss. Speech Therapist in Delhi says that hearing is an important factor for speech and language development. The greater the degree of hearing loss, the more likely an individual has difficulty in language and speech development. Audiologists in Delhi and speech pathologists in Delhi works together to help patients and family members in this journey.

The audiologists in Delhi and speech pathologists track the development of the program and strategize the net plan according to the results.

Meet the best speech pathologist and audiologist in Delhi at Tarang clinic

Tarang clinic has one of the best audiologists in Delhi and speech pathologists in Delhi. Dr. Aniket Gupta and Nidhi Gupta are certified speech pathologists and audiologists. They hold membership in the Indian Speech and Hearing Association(ISHA). In Tarang clinic, they provide you with high-tech equipment, the latest amplification devices, and all kind of management for speech and hearing disorders.


1. What causes hearing loss? +

Hearing loss can happen due to various factors. It can be due to aging exposure, medication, loud noise, head or trauma, diseases, genetic factors are some of the reasons for hearing loss.

2. Which is the best clinic for the treatment of hearing loss? +

Tarang clinic is one of the best clinics for treating people of all age groups in Delhi. They have the best audiologist in Delhi and speech pathologist in Delhi.

3. How can I book an appointment in Tarang clinic? +

https://tarangclinics.com/About click o the link to book an appointment with Tarnag clinic.

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