Hearing Testing

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It is a hearing test used to determine the presence or absence of hearing loss. If hearing loss is present, the audiologist will be able to determine both type and degree of hearing loss. Each ear will be tested individually. This information is critical to determine if medical or surgical intervention is possible or if hearing aids may help

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testing shows how the ear drum reacts to varying air pressure in the ear canal. A small probe is inserted into the ear, and while listening to different sounds the air pressure inside your ear is increased or decreased. This information is used in the diagnosis of middle ear disease or other problems that might restrict ear drum movement.

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OAEs are highly sensitive tests that are used to assess the functioning of the outer hair cells within the cochlea of the inner ear. This test gives an indication of the degree of damage to the cochlea and also helps in fitting of hearing aids. In conjunction with ABRs, OAEs are often used to differentially diagnose auditory neuropathy - a disorder of the auditory nerve where in the patient often complains that,

ABRs and ASSRs

are objective ways of determining the degree and type of hearing loss and also in differential diagnosis of different hearing disorders. They assess the ability of the auditory nerve and beyond to respond faithfully to the sound heard. They are often used in the hearing assessment of new-borns and infants as they do not require the child to respond to the sounds.
"He can hear the sound but cannot understand anything that he hears."
Another advantage is the fact that these tests can be performed even when the child is asleep. ASSRs can further be used to objectively deduce an audiogram based on the presence or absence of responses at different frequencies.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Many individuals complain of a buzzing or ringing sound being present in their ears. This type of constant being heard by these individuals is called tinnitus. Tinnitus may be perceived as buzzing, ringing, hissing, pulsatile, whistling etc. Each person may have different types of tinnitus and the same person might have different types of tinnitus perception in his own two ears.

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Assessing the type of tinnitus early is of high importance because it might later lead to significant problems in carrying out daily life activities as well as at work place. Using audiometric techniques, it is possible to identify the frequency, type, and the loudness of tinnitus which is essential to chart out the rehabilitation method.

Rehabilitation of tinnitus may include noise maskers, tinnitus retraining therapy, counseling regarding daily routines etc. Our qualified professionals are exceptionally trained to help you overcome these problems in a completely tailor-made approach.

New Born and Industrial Hearing Screening

As a part of our extension services, we undertake hearing screening for new-born children in co-ordination with different local hospitals in Delhi. This is done with the motto "early identification promotes early intervention". Early intervention further promotes better speech and language abilities of a child born with hearing impairment.

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Similar to new born screening, we also undertake hearing screenings at different industries to ensure that the noise present in the industries do not lead to any permanent hearing damage to the employees. We also give detailed counseling regarding the ways to protect hearing when such noisy environments are a part of the employee's daily work routine. We also provide ear protective devices to the employees who are evaluated to be susceptible or in need of hearing protection.

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