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15 March 2023

The Pros and Cons of Audiometry test for Aging Adults

As people age, they may experience hearing loss, which can be a gradual or sudden process. Audiometry tests are commonly used to diagnose....

23 Feb 2023

How Speech Therapy Can Improve Speech Clarity and Pronunciation?

Do you struggle with communicating effectively due to unclear speech or pronunciation? Or do people ask you to....

01 Jan 2023

The 10 most common types of speech disorders

Exact synchronization between several bodily regions, such as the head, neck, chest, and belly are needed for speaking properly....

06 Oct 2022

Speech Therapy: When and why do you need speech therapy?

The only thing which separates animals from humans is their ability to communicate better. ....

30 Aug 2022

Speech Therapy: What It Is, How It Works & Why You May Need Therapy

A speech disorder is a condition that makes it difficult for someone to communicate verbally. They could also be known as communication disorders....

28 July 2022

Speech Disorders in Children– 6 Common Myths and the Real Facts

The older people on this earth have some beliefs passed to the next generation. In India, families and societies are bounded by their thought processes and don't...

8 July 2022

When you should update or change your hearing aid?

A small electronic device worn in or behind the ear that aids in hearing is called a hearing aid. The main function of a hearing aid is to help an individual...

8 June 2022

Misarticulation Speech Therapy

Misarticulation is a disorder or a habit of mispronouncing certain words. You may produce sounds, syllables, or words incorrectly so that the listeners cannot...

30 May 2022

Most Affordable Hearing AIDS 2022

Hearing aids are life-changers for people who are deaf. According to the WHO, more than 6.3% of the population suffers from hearing loss in India. It is believed...

25 Mar 2022

Auditory Training : Candidates & Methods

Listening problems have led to the advent of many improvised and advanced technologies comprising hearing aids and devices. Although all the methods have proven to solve..

25 Feb 2022

Stuttering In Children: When To See A Speech Therapist?

Speech is an essential component of a child's cognitive development. Stuttering in children is a speech disorder in which the ordinary flow of the speech is disturbed and the child..

20 April 2021

What’s the Difference Between an Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist?

An audiologist is a medical professional involved in diagnosing and treating problems associated with hearing and balance. These include noise sensitivity, vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus.

20 April 2021

Speech Therapy for Children: What it is, How it works & Why you need it?

If your child cannot speak or communicate properly, it can be due to various reasons. Speech therapy can effectively treat such problems followed by a thorough evaluation of them. Here is everything you need to learn about speech therapy for children.

20 March 2021

What is Stuttering? - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Also known as stammering speech or diffluent speech, stuttering is one of the most common types of speech disorders. Studies suggest that it is most common amongst children, especially those between the ages of 2 to 6 years.

20 March 2021

Speech Disorders:Types,Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis & Treatment

Speech is the process by which specific sound is produced conveying meaning to the listener. A speech disorder is a kind of speech disability. It means any condition which puts an impact on a person's capability to articulate sounds into words is a speech disorder.

20 March 2021

Tips for Getting Used to Hearing Aids

With old age, a certain level of discomfort might be felt while hearing. The ability to recognise the voice and sound around you may not remain as impeccable in old age, as they were during your younger years.

19 February 2021

Articulation Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, Types, Treatment

An articulation disorder is a kind of speech disorder where individuals face difficulties articulating some definite types of sounds. It mainly involves substituting one sound for another, indistinct speech, or demeaning of speech.

30 December 2020

The Most Recommended Apraxia Treatment in Delhi

Is your child facing difficulty making sounds, movements with the mouth? Does your child take time to make a speech or have delayed onset of speech due to lack of coordination between the vowels, phrases and words?

28 December 2020

The Most Trusted Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment in Delhi

Auditory processing disorder is a type of hearing disorder where your brain has an issue in sound processing. This puts an effect on how you are understanding language and other such sounds of your environment.

13 November 2020

Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Autism also is known as autism spectrum disorder is a complex condition that involves issues with communication and conduct. It can include varied skills as well as symptoms.

13 November 2020

Dyslexia: Causes, Symptoms, Types, Diagnose & Treatment

A child with dyslexia may have a hard time reading, writing or learning. If not attended in early stages a child can lag behind in studies and school.

26 October 2020

What does speech therapy entail?

Speech therapy is the evaluation and treatment of speech problems and communication issues. It is done by speech-language pathologists, known as speech therapists.

21 October 2020

Hearing Aids: How Can They Improve the Quality of Life?

In recent years, the condition of hearing loss has become quite common in India. According to a report (2018) from WHO, almost 63 million individuals in the country are dealing with such an issue.

21 October 2020

FAQs about Hearing Aids

According to the best hearing aids specialist in Indirapuram, it might take around four to five months for you to adjust your hearing aid. In the first month of usage, you will see a small amount of change in your hearing.

21 October 2020

Tips for Improving Communication in People with Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease, or PD, is a special type of health condition that affects an individual's nervous system to a great extent. It is caused due to the loss of substantia nigra.

03 September 2020

Get online speech therapy program at home during Pandemic

Speech therapy is an assessment followed by people who go through speech disorders. It can be used to treat children who undergo speech disorder. These therapies are performed by speech-language pathologists. Pandemic has not stopped speech therapy in action and leads a way to online speech therapy. Speech Therapist from Delhi is conducting online therapy sessions that can help people facing speech disorder by making the best use of this time.

03 September 2020

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids is an external sound-amplifying device used by people who face hearing impairment. A Hearing Aid is a small electronic device that is worn behind or in the ear and works by picking up the sound from the surrounding, amplifies it and can be heard louder through a mini speaker present with the device. This device comes in handy for a user in both noisy as well as a quiet situation and is widely used by people who suffer from hearing loss due to several reasons.

29 June 2020

What Is Hearing Aid, Types Of Hearing Aids And Its Cost?

Hearings aids refer to battery-powered electronic devices designed for promoting your hearing. They are quite small to wear behind or in the ears.This hearing loss treatment doesn’t work for all. Only 1 out of 5 people can benefit from them. Generally, it’s for you if your inner ear or the nerve connecting your ear to your brain is damaged.

29 June 2020

Deafness And Hearing Loss: Cause, Symptoms And Treatment

Deafness happens when you can’t understand speech by hearing, even when amplifying the sound. Hearing loss is a decreased ability for hearing sounds the same way as others.

13 April 2020

Speech Therapy: Speak more clearly with the Best Speech Therapist in Delhi NCR.

Communication is intrinsic to our everyday lives and it is linked to our social and psychological health. We communicate in many ways, through sign language, writing, gestures, facial expressions but the most common way is through speech.A speech disorder affects an individual’s ability to communicate.

26 February 2020

All Ears: How to choose the Right Hearing Aid for Me?

Hearing loss is emerging as a serious health issue and it can affect anyone at any age. It's most common among people older than 60 and also found in newborn children. People facing hearing problems often feel excluded from communication and are susceptible to loneliness, depression and paranoia. Hearing loss also affects our physical and mental well-being.

7 February 2020

Wondering about the cost, science behind a hearing aid and how to choose the right one for you?

Hearing aids are small electronic devices to be worn in or behind the ear that enhances the hearing capacity of patients with hearing disabilities. These devices receive sound from external sources, convert the sound waves to electrical signals, amplify them and send them to the ear.