What Is Hearing Aid, Types Of Hearing Aids And Its Cost?

What Is Hearing Aid, Types Of Hearing Aids And Its Cost?

You can receive the best hearing aid in Delhi at Tarang Speech & Hearing Clinics. Here’s everything to know about hearing aids.

Hearing Aids in Delhi

What is a hearing aid?

Hearings aids refer to battery-powered electronic devices designed for promoting your hearing. They are quite small to wear behind or in the ears. They louden some sounds and help you hear clearer when it’s noisy or quiet. They work as follows:

  • A microphone catches your surrounding sound.
  • How to find the right hearing care professional (Audiologist) for you?
  • An amplifier loudens the sound.
  • A receiver sends these loudened sounds to your ear.

This hearing loss treatment doesn’t work for all. Only 1 out of 5 people can benefit from them. Generally, it’s for you if your inner ear or the nerve connecting your ear to your brain is damaged. The damage may happen from:

  • Disease
  • Ageing
  • Loud noise
  • Certain medications

Hearing loss from issues with your middle ear, eardrum or ear canal is called conductive hearing loss. Usually, surgery or other medical assistance can improve it. But these options don’t go for all. If you have a comparatively normal external ear and an open ear canal, a hearing aid might be useful.

If you’re born without an ear canal or external ear, you cannot use a typical hearing aid. Rather, you might be able to use a device which transmits sound through the bone of your skull to your inner ear.

How to get a hearing aid?

Our ENT will examine you to trace your trouble. Our audiologist would test and find out the type and complexity of your hearing loss.

If you require a hearing aid, these specialists will give you one. With a hearing loss in both ears, you must best get 2 hearing aids.

Types and styles of hearing aids

Our audiologist will help you get the hearing aid suiting you best and any special features you require. The appropriate device for you depends on:

  • The type and severity of your hearing loss
  • Your age
  • How good you can manage tiny devices
  • Your lifestyle
  • Cost of hearing aids. They differ greatly in cost based on their different types and styles.

The 2 main types of hearing aids are:

  • Analog hearing aids
  • These convert sound waves into electrical signs and amplify them. They’re normally less costly and have easy volume controls.

  • Digital hearing aids
  • They convert sound waves into numerical codes just like computer codes and louden them. The code contains information regarding the direction, volume or pitch of a sound. That helps in easily adjusting the sound to what you require wherever you are. Most will naturally adjust. Although this type is costlier, the outcomes are much better. They’re more powerful and smaller.

3 main styles of hearing aids are available. These vary in size, how they amplify sound and get placed on or in your ear.

  1. Canal hearing aids
  2. These fit inside the ear and are more difficult to see.

    • ITC (In-the-canal) hearing aid
    • It fits inside your unique ear canal.

    • CIC (Completely-in-canal) hearing aid
    • It’s smaller and almost hidden in the ear. Both the above types can help treat mild to moderate hearing loss. But due to their size, they might be harder to remove and adjust. These hearing aids are not ideal for adults or children who may find issues with very tiny devices.

    • IIC (Invisible-in-canal) hearing aid
    • They're almost invisible to others. You may wear it daily or put it on for several months at a stretch.

  3. ITE (In-the-ear) hearing aids
  4. These fit fully inside your outer ear. They contain a hard plastic case holding the electronics. These best suit people having mild to extreme hearing loss. But they aren’t for kids whose ears are still developing.

  5. BTE (Behind-the-ear) hearing aids
  6. They sit in a hard plastic cover behind the ear. A plastic ear mould gets fitted inside your outer ear for directing sound to your ear.
    Another type, Mini BTE, fits completely behind the ear using a narrow tube through the ear canal. It prevents earwax build-up and ensures your own voice sounds distinct. They’re for mild to extreme hearing loss but not for everybody.

Both RIC (Receiver-in-canal) and RITE (Receiver-in-the-ear) hearing aids contain a BTE component connecting to a receiver in the ear canal or ear using a tiny wire. They let in low-frequency sounds and amplify high-frequency sounds. These’ll work if you have mild to severe hearing loss.


  • Multiple listening programs
  • Environmental sensing
  • Automatic sound processing
  • Directional microphone
  • Noise and speech management
  • Feedback management
  • Rechargeable hearing aid options
  • Connects to Smartapp and TV/smartphone (direct audio input)
  • Dust and water-resistant

Cost of hearing aid in Delhi

In Delhi, hearing aids cost from 24,900 INR (basic devices) to 2,75,000 INR (premium devices) approximately. Cost highly differs as there are above 1,000 various hearing aids. We offer hearing aids at best and affordable price which suits your pockets.