Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids In Delhi

What is it?

Hearing Aids is an external sound-amplifying device used by people who face hearing impairment. A Hearing Aid is a small electronic device that is worn behind or in the ear and works by picking up the sound from the surrounding, amplifies it and can be heard louder through a mini speaker present with the device. This device comes in handy for a user in both noisy as well as a quiet situation and is widely used by people who suffer from hearing loss due to several reasons.

The reason for hearing loss can be plenty and a device like that can act as a solution to such a condition. The use of hearing aid is not that common in our society and if we look at the statistics only one 1 out of 5 people make use of such devices to improve their impaired hearing.

Following are the reason for hearing loss in a person:

  1. Old Age
  2. Injury due to listening to loud music/noise
  3. Side effects of certain medicines

Hearing aids in Delhi are plenty and can differ in size and the placement it comes with. Every device has its limit of amplifying sound based on the kind of technology it uses. Different hearing aids come with different sets of earmolds. The type of hearing aid used by people for their impaired hearing loss depends on the cause and severity of their condition. Apart from that, other miscellaneous factors affect the type of hearing aid that people go for.

Type of Hearing Aids?

If you hop into the different types of Hearing Aids in Delhi and other markets of India, it boils down to the below-listed types:

  • Behind the ear hearing aids: Behind the ear hearing aid is placed behind the ear and is connected to the earpiece of clear tubing. This type of hearing aid is used in children as they are easy to handle and clean.
  • In the ear hearing aids: In the ear hearing aid is placed inside the ear of a person and is usually customized for people depending on the ear size of a person. Apart from the size, the hearing aid is also available in different skin tones so that it blends with the outer ear of the person.
  • On the ear hearing aid: On the ear hearing aid is placed on the ear and comes in a much smaller size. A very thin tube connects the device to the ear canal and is very easy to insert. These pieces are known to be much more comfortable in comparison to their other counterparts.
  • In the canal hearing aid: In the ear hearing aid come in the form of tiny cases and fit into the ear of the person to the canal. They are the smallest in size and have additional hearing advantages. The size of the aid makes it difficult for people to adjust it.

Cost of Hearing Aids?

Multiple brands offer a wide variety of hearing aids. Based on the specifications offered by each hearing aid, the price bar keeps on increasing. The cost of hearing aids in Indirapuram bifurcates into three categories. Basic, Mid-range and Premium.

  1. The basic category of hearing aids ranges from 25k to 36k.
  2. The Mid Range offers better features and ranges from 50k to 1.2L
  3. The Premium category offers the best of features and quality available in the market and ranges from 1.5L - 2.8L

How do I know that I require Hearing Aids?

Loss of hearing is an alarming call for a person to get their hands on a hearing aid. Here is some day to day things that determine the hearing loss in a person:

  1. Listening to television or radio louder
  2. Unable to understand speech in public gathering
  3. Not able to talk properly over the phone
  4. Unable to understand what people are saying especially when you can’t see them.
  5. Difficulty in understanding things especially when the environment around is noisy.

Which hearing aids are right for me?

The severity of the condition has a lot to do with the type of hearing aid that a person should get for their hearing loss. Likewise, the cause of hearing loss, the style of the hearing aid can change. Once the style of the aid is decided, features can then be looked at and decided on. The features offered for a specific style of the hearing aid are plenty.

The features can also be customized based on the need and priority of the person using the hearing aid. Some additional features that are available in some hearing aids include noise reduction, being able to pick phone calls, wind reduction, waterproof etc. All these above-mentioned features are additional and are not mandatory while looking for the right hearing aid.