Hearing aids are life-changers for people who are deaf. According to the WHO, more than 6.3% of the population suffers from hearing loss in India. It is believed that hearing loss is more common in people above 55 years of age, but in past decades, it has been seen in youngsters.

What exactly is hearing loss or hearing impairment?

Hearing loss is typically due to damage to the inner ear and nerve. This defect can be caused by any genetic defect, injury, disorder, exposure to particular medicines, loud noise, or age-related illness.
Hearing loss can be mild to severe. The treatment like surgery (cochlear implant) may revise the hearing possibility to some extent.
Other treatments for hearing loss are devices like hearing aids. Hearing aids are the most successful treatment for people with hearing loss.
There must be millions of questions in your mind about the expenses of these hearing aids? Where can you get these?
And will you be able to get quality hearing aids at a lower price?
Here we are, providing and guiding you about the best affordable hearing aids and quality with all the necessary details you must know.

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In the last few years, hearing aids have been modified. Earlier, these aids were simply designed devices containing four major elements: a microphone, a processor, a receiver, and a power source.
Hearing aids have been modified according to the needs of people and their comfort. The new hearing aids can now be used almost everywhere, assisting in better communication.
So an ideal hearing aid must have the underlying features:

  • Feedback Repression
  • Feedback repression is one of the most irritable factors of a hearing aid. When any sound reaches your ears and the microphone picks it up, this could affect a high-pitched whoosh which can cause discomfort. But the modified hearing aids are designed with feedback repression, which represses the unwanted voices from reaching your ears.

  • Bluetooth Compatibility
  • Having Bluetooth compatibility makes easy access to phones and other devices including reduction of surrounding voices.

  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • These are the most simple feature yet a lifesaver in the modern-day. Hearing aids having rechargeable batteries are a must feature to avoid weekly or monthly inconvenience.


    Digital noise reduction systems function by assessing the indication to differentiate if it includes any noise and is needed by the hearer. If any undesirable noises are observed, the noise level is deducted by the hearing aid system. This makes the domain more satisfying for the ears and is one of the most highly desired features by people wearing hearing aids.


In search of a hearing aid? Getting the perfect type and style for you relies on your level of hearing loss and your lifestyle priorities.
The first step toward the hearing aid selection is to know about the types. There are two primary types of hearing aids:

  • In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids type.
    1. ITE is worn in the ear canal and can be customized.
    2. Whereas BTE is on or top of the outer ear with a tube system that routes the sound in the ear canal.

There are two common styles of hearing aids.

  • Invisible in the canal (IIC)
  • Completely in the canal (CIC)

IIC and CIC styles are the tiniest and most unobtrusive hearing aids.

  • "Invisible in the canal" IIC styles are characterized as visually invisible.
  • The recipient places it deeply into the ears.
  • "Completely in the canal" CIC is identical but doesn't settle deep within the ears.

These style aids don't come with advanced analogues because of their small size.
The advantage is that they are very discreet but are very susceptible to ear waxes.

Some other hearing aids are as follows.

  • In the canal, hearing aids
  • Low profile hearing aids
  • Receiver in the ear
  • Behind the ear with earmold

Which is the best hearing Aid for you?

Opting for and understanding which hearing aid is the exact fit for you is difficult.

  • That is why Tarang clinic has made a list of different hearing aids for the amateurs to let them choose the right fit for this hearing aid technology.
  • To choose the right one, the recipients must know their needs, and it also depends on the extent of hearing loss.
  • So, it's necessary to analyze all the aspects when the recipient opts for a hearing aid.

If you are looking for the best hearing aid at affordable cost, contact Tarang clinic for more details.


After discussing the basics of the hearing aid, let us have a quick view of the best cheap hearing aids. They contain all the necessary features an affordable hearing aid must have and should be comfortable for the recipient.

  • Best affordable hearing aid for Natural Sound and universal Bluetooth connectivity : Phonak Audeo Paradise
  • Best Hearing aid that is Invisible:Signia Insio
  • Best Hearing aid for Severe Hearing Loss: Phonak Naida
  • Best Channel free hearing aid: Bernafon Viron
  • Best Hearing aid with noise reduction technology: Widex Moment

Take away

Considering all the aspects and needs, the Tarang speech and hearing clinic provides you with the best affordable hearing aids in Delhi. We try our best to deliver the best cheap hearing aid at a high success level.