Get online speech therapy program at home during Pandemic

Get online speech therapy program at home during Pandemic

Speech Therapist In Delhi

What is online speech therapy?

Speech therapy is an assessment followed by people who go through speech disorders. It can be used to treat children who undergo speech disorder. These therapies are performed by speech-language pathologists. The process followed by SPLs are listed below:

  1. Helping children or people facing speech disorder in coordinating mouth to produce definite sounds which result in the forming of words and sentences.
  2. Enabling patients to express through a certain language. This includes using gestures, signs and writes ups to communicate.

Pandemic has not stopped speech therapy in action and leads a way to online speech therapy. Speech Therapist from Delhi is conducting online therapy sessions that can help people facing speech disorder by making the best use of this time.

The techniques used in online speech therapy can differ depending on the type of speech disorder faced by the patient. There are techniques such as:

  1. Language intervention activities
  2. Articulation Therapy etc. that is adopted by professionals to get the speech of the patient right.

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How does it work?

Before hopping into an online speech therapy session, the role of a speech therapist in Indirapuram is to determine the cause of the problem. Once the cause of a problem is determined, the treatment is structured for the patient/student to follow. For children facing speech disorder, the SPLs ensure they participate with them in small groups. In some cases, there is a one-to-one online session conducted for patients who need more intimate environment to excel and learn from therapy. Given below are different kinds of Therapies offered to people facing any kind of speech disorder.

  1. Articulation Therapy: If a patient has a problem in delivering a certain sound, SLPs model the sound chart for the patient to exercise by guiding the position and movement of the tongue.
  2. Intervention Activities: Following certain activities can help patients in developing their skills. Different activities once practised daily helps in skill development and assists people with speech disorder.
  3. Swallow and Feeding Therapy: This therapy includes strengthening the muscles of the mouth which is done through different sets of exercises for tongue, jaws and lips and facial massages. In some cases, different food texture is used to raise awareness at the time of swallowing and eating.

Why do you need Online Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy can now be opted by people who face speech disorders. Multiple disorders make a person eligible for online Speech Therapy. It includes:

  1. Fluency Disorder: People facing problems during talking such as cluttering or stuttering is termed as fluency disorder. This is caused when a person faces a problem in getting a certain sound out which results in an interrupted speech. In some cases, a person ends up repeating a certain word multiple times which is termed as stammering. This disorder is common among people who are fast speakers and often merge words.
  2. Aphasia: This communication disorder can occur post-stroke in a person. It is an acquired disorder and affects the speech of a person. In some cases, a person may also face problems in reading and writing.
  3. Cognitive-Communication problem: This disorder is caused due to external factors such as an injury. An injury to a brain can affect the ability of a person to think and solve life problems. The same can also affect the speech of a person resulting in speech disorder.
  4. Articulation Disorder: People can find it difficult to form a certain word due to the inability of producing a certain sound. This often results in distorting or dropping a certain sound which may make a certain word sound very different.
  5. Resonance Disorder: This disorder is the result of blocked nasal and airflow cavities. This disorder is mostly associated with people who face neurological disorders or have a condition of swollen tonsils.
  6. Dysarthria: This condition is characterized by slurred speech which is caused due to weak muscles. It is commonly found in people who have disorders related to the nervous system.
  7. Expressive Disorder: If you are someone who faces difficulty in expression information, you may be a victim of expressive disorder. This disorder makes it difficult for a person to form complete sentences and is mostly associated with people who have down syndrome. There are external medical conditions such as head trauma which can result in the same kind of disorder.

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Speech Therapy at Tarang Speech and Hearing Clinic: What to Expect?

At Tarang Speech and Hearing Clinic, you can find the best speech therapist in Indirapuram who will make your quarantine worthwhile by providing you with the best professional speech therapies. The speech therapists are well certified and are backed with the best of experience with 100% effective results. Opting for Online Speech Therapy can be an effective way to improve speech making if you are facing speech disorder. The process followed at the clinic starts with analyzing the cause which is later prescribed a bunch of therapies. Tarang Speech and Hearing Clinic offers all kinds of speech therapies assisted with the best of the team.