Speech Therapy: When and why do you need speech therapy?

Speech Therapy: When and why do you need speech therapy?


The only thing which separates animals from humans is their ability to communicate better. Generally, animals use sign language to communicate, while humans use voice, speech, gestures, postures, body language, and sign language. When we communicate, our main objective is to share ideas and influence others and, above all, successfully transfer our message and emotions to others. Human beings communicate in two main ways, i.e. verbally and non-verbally. 

When a person has a problem communicating their message, we need a speech therapist. Speech therapists help us solve communication problems and speech-related disorders. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are experts who provide activities and exercises which help overcome speech-related issues. They provide screening, consultation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment for speech-related activities.

Some speech-related disorders are generic and fade over time, and in some cases, they vanish with the proper guidance of speech therapists. You can look for the best speech therapist in your area by searching for a speech therapist near me on Google and getting the best treatment.

When and why do you need speech therapy?

Depending on the age, medical condition and severity of the problems, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) recommend you the level of and duration of treatment required for speech therapy. According to researchers, better communication helps you a lot because it challenges and imparts important life skills through teaching areas of social issues, changes of attitude & behaviour which leads to the personal growth of a child, social development, sensitivity & learning & listening skills. 

Listed below are the reasons which state if you need speech therapy

  1. Do you feel that you drop a word's sounds while speaking?
  2. Do you have fluency problems like speech rhythm and fumble issues while speaking?
  3. Do you feel obstruction of regular airflow in the nasal or oral cavities?
  4. Do you face problems during understanding and processing what others say?
  5. Do you hesitate more than usual while conveying or expressing or communicating information and ideas with others?

Causes of the speech-related disorders

  • Such speech-related disorders could develop in childhood.
  • An injury or illness can also cause it.
  • Hearing loss is another factor which must not be ignored.
  • Neurological disorders or brain injury
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Drug abuse
  • Physical impairments 

Treatment of speech disorder

As per research, if you want to get over speech-related disorders, you can follow the steps which have been mentioned below- 

  • One must be involved in expressing themselves in linguistic activities. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so just allow yourself to practice more and more. Practicing communication will help in giving better results in speech-related disorders. 
  • You must participate in verbal activities classes.
  • Make it a habit to listen to the one suffering from such a disorder carefully.
  • Rather than being interesting, you must be interested in their story.
  • Help them involve i.n more physical activities and outdoor sports rather than online gaming.
  • Improvise and facilitate their daily routine.
  • Let them participate in more fun games such as Tongue Twisters, as it helps to articulate words more easily.
  • Language intervention activities will also be of great help.

How to find the best speech therapist?

If anybody in your family is struggling to communicate or lagging behind people of their age, it is vital to seek professional help from a speech therapist. Finding a perfect speech therapist is quite a work and there are many factors which must be considered, including the nature of the disorder, the qualification of the therapist and whether you can build a strong and trusting bond with them, the cost involved in the treatment, and schedule availability, among others. 

Although there are various speech therapists around you, finding the one who is right for you is important. You may also consider other factors, including whether you want the treatment at their clinic or online. All these things will help you in finding the best speech therapist. 

Some FAQs related to speech therapy

  • Do the fun and playful method help?

Involving people with speech disorders in more participatory activities and letting them use the art of articulation can work wonders. Through fun & playful methods, they will discover their aptitudes, attitudes and learning style.

  • Is self-talk helpful?

Such speech therapy can improve speech and articulation abilities and story-telling skills, which will help them build confidence to speak in front of any audience. Involving them in self-talk, parallel talk, sentence elongation, and situational talk will enhance their social integration skill. 

  • Does speech therapy improve communication?

Speech therapy helps choose the right words, intonation, modulation and expression to send the right messages. It inspires individual attention but also team-working spirit. Communication, leadership, body language, voice and other personality traits are enhanced in a multi-disciplinary manner. This sets the foundation of self-development for people and gives them the freedom to explore, invent, express and realise their greatest potential.

  • Other advantages of sleep therapy

The best speech therapist in Delhi will enhance one's ability to have meaningful conversations in different situations. It will enhance effective communication, dynamic leadership through problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making, and the ability to think creatively. Helps develop oratory skills for students, working professionals and children. The speech therapist also focuses on diction and verbal skills & understands a plethora of finer human emotions (joy, empathy, surprise, love, sharing, care, affection, respect and contempt) expressed through the voice.

  • What role should parents play?

Parents and guards can replicate the plan and activities explained by the therapist at home for better results. Let your child pronounce each word and every syllable correctly and practice it slowly. Since human understanding and educational disciplines are universal, they are applicable everywhere in the world because human experiences are the same. So, its holistic approach will benefit and serve the purpose. 

Speech therapy for adults

As per many reports, results of speech therapy are not fast and evident within 3-4 sittings. For a successful outcome and tangible results, one needs to dedicate time and patience by visiting a speech therapist Delhi for a successful outcome and tangible results. It's always better to make these activities part of your daily routine rather than see them as therapy. 

As communicating with adults are much easier, to provide them with easy speech therapy, you can take the following steps: 

A.) Breathing exercises for resonance.

B.) Exercises to strengthen oral muscles.

C.) Improve social communication and social coherence.


Finding a speech therapist near your home will not only save your time but also benefit you in various ways: 

  1. It enhances self-confidence and performance skills and develops a positive attitude and decision-making skills in various complex life situations.
  2. It develops cognitive skills to comprehend things in an effective manner; after all, every incident and experience of life is a story.
  3. It helps explore new terrains and life experiences and helps increase concentration and the will to win. 
  4.  It helps develop articulation, voice intonation, voice modulation and communication.