Articulation Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, Types, Treatment

Articulation Disorder

What is Articulation Disorder?

An articulation disorder is a kind of speech disorder where individuals face difficulties articulating some definite types of sounds. It mainly involves substituting one sound for another, indistinct speech, or demeaning of speech. In simple words, articulation means making speech sounds by manipulating articulators in a particular way for sharing thoughts.

Each language has its speech sound that is utilized for creating words. But articulation disorder occurs when a child produces sounds with improper placement, pressure, coordination, and articulators' timing. It results in a distorted sound that gives a strong indication of speech sound disorder.

There are several ways in which a sound can be misarticulated, like substitutions, distortions, additions, and deletions. It is vital to note that errors in speech are developmentally perfect, which means several children make the same errors during the development stage.

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What are the symptoms of Articulation Disorder?

It's difficult to diagnose articulation disorder, it's always necessary that you find a doctor who can offer good articulation disorder treatment in Delhi, if you are located in Delhi. Some of the articulation disorder symptoms are easily recognized by a typical untrained listener, like a common front lisp, leading to sticking of the tongue between the sounds while producing sound in English.

Some other symptoms of articulation disorder are

  • Sound substitution: Here, a child or adult substitutes one sound with another.
  • Additions: It is a tendency to add an extra sound to a word. Like for instance, "belack" for black.
  • Omissions: Removal of a sound in the word. An example is an op for the hop.
  • Alterations or distortions: The child or the adult creates an incorrect sound that does not sound like any other sound in the spoken language.

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What are the causes of Articulation Disorder?

Generally, an articulation disorder does not have any known cause. But some errors occur because of

  • Brain injury
  • Debility in thinking or development.
  • Issues with hearing or loss of hearing like some of the past ear infections that caused hearing issues.
  • Physical disabilities that have an impact on speech like cleft palate or cleft lip.
  • A disorder that affects the nerves which are primarily involved in speech.

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What are the types of Articulation Disorder?

Articulation is predominantly divided into two major types that are primary and secondary.

Primary articulation refers to the pace and manner in which the structure is prepared for the consonant. This articulation disorder might allow some movement for another kind of articulator not involved in its formation.

Secondary articulation occurs because of the tongue's contour, the shape of the lip, and the larynx height utilized in the making of the vowel. Among the secondary articulations, one is palatalization, where the tongue approaches the hard palate. Then some other conditions involve in secondary articulations are

  • Velarization where the back of the tongue approaches the soft palate.
  • Labialization involves the addition of lip rounding.
  • Glottalization is the complete or fractional closing of the vocal cords.
  • Nasalization is the simultaneous passage of the air through the nasal and the oral tracts.

How can I help my child with Articulation Disorder?

The best solution for articulation disorder is speech therapy. It will target sound by utilizing a proper articulation approach and offering vital signs to place the articulators correctly. Here we will use the tactics and the tools for the achievement of the required outcome:

  • Auditory discrimination tasks where the target sound is discriminated from the error sound.
  • Visual modeling uses a mirror to allow the individual to observe herself or himself for making perfect sounds.
  • The oral motor practice uses cotton balls for practicing the sound like p/b, t/d.
  • Sensory activities involve the use of the flavored depressors of the tongue for making extra-sensory data.
  • Airflow control involves using straws to demonstrate how to make perfect airflow for discouraging the lateral lisp.

At home also you can help your child in the treatment of articulation disorder:

  • Keep all appointments with your healthcare provider in perfect time and never miss it.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider to know about the other providers who might get involved in child care.
  • Inform others about your child's disorder. Work with the healthcare provider along with the school to develop a proper treatment plan.
  • Reach out for support from the community services.

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1. When should I call my child's healthcare provider?
Call your healthcare provider when your child shows symptoms that don't get better and other new signs of articulation disorder.

2. Which children are at risk of articulation disorders?
While this is unknown, children with developmental disorders, genetic disorders, loss of hearing, nervous disorders, an illness like ear infections, and physical issues like cleft lip.

3. From where articulation disorder comes?
While the exact origin is unknown, there is a strong link between genetics and the environmental impacts that affect the way a child speaks.

4. How can I find the best Misarticulation Speech Therapist in Delhi?
Speech therapists who are highly qualified, and have good patient reviews can offer you best Misarticulation speech therapy in Delhi.

5. Should I have my child tested for articulation disorder?
When you start noticing any signs and symptoms of the disorder, you should immediately consult the Misarticulation Speech Therapist in Delhi

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