What does speech therapy entail?

What does speech therapy entail?

What is speech therapy

What is the meaning of speech therapy?

Speech therapy is the evaluation and treatment of speech problems and communication issues. It is done by speech-language pathologists, known as speech therapists. The techniques used help in enhancing communication and mostly includes articulation therapy, language interference activities and several other things based on kind of speech disorder.

Various therapies are used for different kinds of speech disorders that arise either in childhood or any speech problems in adults caused either by illness or any kind of injury like stroke or brain injury. Some of the common speech and language issues that can be treated with speech therapy are

  • Articulation disorder which is a disorder where the child or adult is not able to make certain word sounds.
  • Fluency disorder: A disorder that affects the speed and rhythm of the speech.
  • Resonance disorder: A blockage that occurs in the nasal airflow affecting the quality of voice.
  • Receptive and expressive disorder: Receptive disorder is trouble in understanding and handling what others are saying whereas expressive disorder struggles in conveying relevant information.

Does speech therapy work?

With speech therapy, it's possible to treat a wide range of delays in speech and language both in children as well as adults. With early diagnosis, it assists in enhancing communication and self-confidence. Good communication helps people in expressing their requirements, connect well with others and get success both in work as well as school. Speech therapy specialist in Delhi helps people dealing with all kinds of communication issues. Speech therapy works by

  • Helping people carry out their daily activities.
  • Make people confident and help people in achieving success.
  • Prohibiting overuse of vocal cords and also heals all kinds of injury in association with vocal cords.
  • Assist people with brain injury or any kind of stroke.

When to start speech therapy?

When parents know about the sound errors in their child, they become worried thinking what is normal for children at this age, how to solve those errors and how to address such issues without paying much attention?

Well! speech therapy in Delhi for articulation can start as early as at an age of 3 or 4. In an articulation chart, you can easily know about different age at which a child obtain mastery on various sounds. With early diagnosis and treatment, there is an increased chance of positive outcomes and less time is spent on time and money. Age is one of the important factors that affect the result and total duration of treatment. With each year passing the time for remediating the speech errors with the help of various therapies increases.

While some of the errors might resolve by age 4 but do not resolves if the error persists in age 5 or 6. When there is an error in more than one sound, there is very less chance of errors getting resolved on their own. A speech therapist helps in identifying strategies for practising articulation at home which is fun and eliminates pressure.

The correct time to start speech therapy, its frequency and the total duration all depends on the age of the child, number of sounds that are being addressed. Most commonly it is 8 weeks to one year. A speech therapist provides a screening to know if therapy is required and to address questions that are specific for your child. A good speech therapist not only focuses on all speech deficiency but also on strengthening a child sense of competence.

What happens in speech therapy?

A speech therapist meets with a patient once in a week and may carry out any of these treatment methods:

  • Instil new methods of breathing as well as speaking to utilize the voice.
  • Exercises for lips, muscles, and tongue in mouth and throat.
  • Assist with knowing new words for children and also for those who have lost their language due to any stroke or injury to the brain.
  • Assist with organization of thoughts or enhancing memory.
  • Help with using augmentative as well as alternative communication.

How long does it take for speech therapy to work?

The time anyone needs for speech therapy to work depends on some factors like

  • Age
  • Kind and severity of the disorder.
  • Number of time therapy is given
  • Any underlying condition
  • How committed the person is to the practice.

While some of the disorders start in childhood and enhances with the age, others continue into adulthood and need long time treatment as well as maintenance. Any communication issues that start because of stroke might improve with the start of treatment and when the condition starts improving. The rate of success of speech therapy depends on the age groups and how well the disorder is treated. But it is usually seen that when the treatment is started early the outcome is the good and total time taken for treatment is also less.

Another important factor that affects the duration of speech therapy is how competent is the therapist? The speech-language sector is controlled by the speech therapist holding certificate of clinical competence. The therapist you select must be competent to offer support to your child speech as well as language requirements. He/ she must have exclusive clinical experience which has a great influence on how long the therapy will continue.

How much does it cost for speech therapy?

Speech therapy usually costs $200-250 for the first assessment, then $100-$250 for further assessment on an hourly basis. In most of the cases, speech therapy is covered by the insurance provider in certain cases like when therapy is required because of injury or any kind of acute illness. But they do not cover when it is because of developmental problems. Some of the policies also limit the number of sessions. But when covered by health insurance the out of pocket expense if about 10%- 50%.


Speech therapy helps in enhancing the overall communication. Any speech delay creates a problem in listening, writing and reading. With speech therapy, a good therapist looks at the person or child capability to speak and know others perfectly. They give priority to language drills along with group therapy for enhancing conversation drills. When done at perfect age and strategy, it helps in

  • Enhancing communication so that it's easy for the child or an adult to express their thoughts as well as feelings.
  • In speaking well so that others can understand them properly.
  • Enhances the vocal quality.
  • Enhances self-esteem along with independence.

Capability to express self is very important. With perfect speech therapy, your child will achieve enhanced ability to utilize and understand language, communicate well with others and express himself or herself to a maximum extent. Delaying therapy runs the risk of missing some of the major achievements in certain ages where brain matures and learning takes place very rapidly.